Bash shell tools and commands


This tool is a terminal multiplexer allowing a user to run multiple parallel command line terminal prompts while allowing them to run in the background. Benefits include running time-consuming tasks on remote servers while being able to exit the ssh session.

  • Create a new session
tmux new-session -s SessionName
  • Detach from a running session CTRL + b followed by d
  • Attach to an existing session
tmux attach-session -t SessionName
  • List existing sessions
tmux ls
  • Remove session
tmux kill-session -t SessionName


Sshfs allows the local mounting of remote file systems. Mounts can be manual (session-based) or permanent (via fstab system entries)

  • Manual (session-based)
sudo sshfs -o allow_other,default_permissions [email protected]:/remote/mount/ /local/mount/
  • Unmount
sudo umount /local/mount


For general starting points, read the introduction page.